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A new era for British luxury fountain pens

By February 12, 2015News

Announcing the launch of a flagship company which offers only British-made luxury fountain pens: Bespoke British Pens.

A new pen company? Yes, it’s definitely a new company, offering a collection of familiar British brands and up-and-coming new brands. And watch out for the launch of a new British pen brand soon….. But first:

ABOVE: Conway Stewart Winston range

Conway Stewart lives on!

We are delighted to be able to show a range of Conway Stewart pens – some classics like the Churchill and Winston, as well as some rareties and exclusive one-offs. They are available to buy now, but only in very limited numbers. As you are probably aware, Conway Stewart’s Plymouth factory closed its doors for good at the end of August 2014 and there was a subsequent ‘fire-sale’ of the machinery, equipment and all the components and raw materials. The principals of Bespoke British Pens were able to acquire the majority of the components: nibs, clips, etc. All the Conway Stewart pens shown on this website were purchased from the administrators of Conway Stewart Manufacturing Ltd, either as semi-completed pens or as components which have subsequently been assembled by our experienced team.  For pen collectors and writing enthusiasts, these pens may represent the last opportunity to acquire an original Conway Stewart pen made in the old Plymouth factory. Naturally, numbers are very limited and it’s definitely first-come, first-served. Some pens are literally only available in single numbers!

The other good news is that as we have looked more closely at the stock of acrylic materials purchased from the administrators, we have discovered some rare colours and pen styles which may never have been issued previously. We will assemble them in due course and add them to the website, so make sure you check www.bespokebritishpens.co.uk regularly.

Onoto – one step back and a giant leap forward!

Next Onoto. Sadly, our relationship with the majority shareholder in Onoto dissolved into an unworkable situation and we took the decision to walk away at the end of January. However, every cloud has a silver lining and we will shortly announce a new pen with many familiar features. As many of you are aware, all the Onoto pens issued since 2007 were designed by former CEO Alastair Adams who organised their manufacture in the UK from a myriad of small silversmiths and suppliers. Those relationships have now been brought together again to create a reproduction of a 1907 Onoto plunger filler with a silver overlay. The original belongs to an avid Onoto collector who invited us to reproduce it in a small limited edition. It has a wonderful enamel finish. If you’d like to be kept informed of its release, please contact us here and mention  ‘1907 Onoto’.

ABOVE: The Architect Collection, based on London’s iconic Gherkin building

Jack Row luxury pens

Jack is a very talented young jeweller/silversmith based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham who specialises in the production of fountain pens that are, to say the least, sensational works of art. Already his pens are attracting the attention of fine art connoisseurs and collectors from around the world and while they may be outside the reach of many pen collectors, we are proud to be associated with objets d’art of this quality. Without doubt they are ‘bespoke’ British luxury fountain pens!

And speaking of ‘bespoke’… where does that fit in with the BBP range? Over the past 7 years or so, Alastair and I have made many bespoke pens for a wide range of clients. We have made pens as “one-offs” for wealthy individuals in gold, silver and enamel with family crests and mottos; an entire range of pens for Asprey, the internationally renowned jewellers who sold them in all their stores world-wide; a stunning pen range to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the University of Cambridge, which led to the Alumni pens for the University too.  In addition, Alastair worked with the Churchill family to design the Sir Winston Churchill range of pens, and Japan’s leading stationery retailer, Maruzen, has commissioned a special pen each year for the Tokyo Pen Fair.  In total, we have designed and made thousands of bespoke pens of the highest quality.

admin-ajax-2ABOVE: The Asprey Pen – one of a range of pens created for the world-renowned London jeweller

Creating new bespoke pens for iconic global brands

Now, British Bespoke Pens are continuing that tradition and have already created prototypes of bespoke luxury pens for some iconic global brands ….so watch this space!  While this bespoke work may not always be available to collectors, it as an important part of the market and one that underlines the expertise of Bespoke British Pens. If you would like to commission a special bespoke pen of the highest quality made for you as an individual, for your company or organisation, please contact us here and mention ‘Bespoke commission’.

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We have been overwhelmed with messages of support for our new adventure from pen collectors and enthusiasts around the world, for which we thank you. We are very happy for you to share the journey with us.


Best regards