Renowned worldwide for creating and promoting high quality British fountain pens


Every pen shown on this website has been made in England using traditional techniques, combining timeless designs with British craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials.

Our commitment to quality and tradition stems from our team’s experience over many years working with some of the most prestigious names in British pen manufacturing – names that are recognised worldwide as the epitome of English craftsmanship: Conway Stewart, Henry Simpole and Jack Row – and associated with creating bespoke pens for some of the world’s most exclusive brands including Rolls Royce, Christys’ London, and Vanwall. You will find more details of our bespoke editions here.

Conway Stewart is a British brand which has a long tradition of manufacturing great fountain pens. Founded in 1905 it has had many illustrious patrons such as Sir Winston Churchill, US Presidents and royal patronage over the years.

We have recently added our own brand, The Stratford Pen Company, to the list of pen manufacturers available from the BBP website. The first Stratford Pen issue is the Shakespeare range. You’ll find full details here.

The Team

Alastair Adams

Managing Director

The driving force behind the renaissance of Onoto and seconded to Conway Stewart during 2014 to try and rescue the ailing company. Although Alastair’s focus is primarily on sales, he has a keen design eye too, and was responsible for the creation of the vast majority of Onoto’s new issues from 2007 – 2014.

Ed Adams

Marketing Director

Ed has a first class honours degree in Business, and is highly experienced in eCommerce and digital marketing. He manages the on line store, and the multiple channels for marketing from Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp and Google. He also leads the innovation in integrating the different computer systems between our accounts, website and dispatch packages.

Peter Robinson

Production Director

Peter has been involved in the sub-contract manufacturing of Fine Writing Instruments for many years and was influential in the design and manufacture of the Parker Duofold range of modern classics. He brings many years of experience to Bespoke British Pens in manufacturing for such prestigious brands as Parker, Onoto and Montegrappa.

Francis Katz


Francis is a practising lawyer and lifelong pen collector. He also runs Inkwell, specialising in rare and out of production limited edition pens. He is based in London and attends many of the international pen shows.

Corporate customers will find our tailored service provides specialised gifts to suit every corporate requirement.


Please browse these pages to learn more about our heritage and to find your perfect pen from the Conway Stewart, Henry Simpole, Stratford Pen or Jack Row pen ranges.