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BBP Newsletter No 2 – April 2015

By April 17, 2015News

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I’m delighted to welcome you to this second edition of ‘Manuscript’ the official newsletter of Bespoke British Pens, and hope you find the contents informative and useful.

Since launching the company and our first issue of Manuscript a few months ago, we have been overwhelmed with good wishes from many, many pen enthusiasts from just about every corner of the globe – so thank you for all your kind messages of support.

You’ll find more information about our activities, new releases and future editions a little later in this newsletter – suffice to say we have been extremely busy and thoroughly enjoying it! If you have any information you would like to share with our readers or ask any questions, please email me (david@bespokebritishpens.co.uk) and I’ll include it in a future issue.

David Cooper, Director

The story so far… 

model58-14Bespoke British Pens sells only British-made pens and writing accessories. The trigger to set up the new business was when the great British pen company, Conway Stewart, closed its factory in September 2014.

We managed to buy the majority of the stock, acrylic components and nibs from the Administrator and have been assembling these components and selling them on our website www.bespokebritishpens.co.uk

I am pleased to say that several hundred pens have now been assembled and despatched to all corners of the world.

Our aim is to specialise in quality British-made pens and if you check on our website you’ll already find models from a number of British pen manufacturers – and there are likely to be even more in the near future.

Conway Stewart

CS Series 100 Meteor 4We recently issued a new Series 100 in an attractive red/orange/black combination called Meteor – see image left.

This was issued in an edition of 14 pens and there are just 3 now remaining. If you’d like to order one of these 3 remaining pens, click here.

In the past few weeks we have also added the Sterling Silver Edwardian to the Conway Stewart pages.

Just to remind you of the scarcity of these products… we have only 2 Edwardian pens available and after that there are unlikely to be any more. STOP PRESS – Both Edwardians have now been sold!

Please keep checking the website to see new models as and when they are assembled.

Most new releases will only be available in tiny editions – in some cases an edition of only one. So you’ll need to be quick to reserve one when they become available.

You’ll find all the latest Conway Stewart releases, here.

Limited edition Onoto pens

_DSC6633We have a small number of Onoto limited editions available including the extraordinary Woolly Mammoth Plunger Filler, which includes a piece of  mammoth tusk that’s over 10,000 years old! It also has a mammoth No 8 gold nib. We have edition No 25/25 available. (See pic, right)

Other Onoto pens available are:
2 x Magna Plunger Filler Black/Gold: Edition No 00/75 and 75/75,
Magna Plunger Filler with Henry Simpole Silver Overlay: Edition No 10/100,
2 x Magna Classic Blue Ice: Edition No 04/50 and 50/50,
Burlington: Edition No 08/75,
Doctor’s Pen: Edition No 100/100,
3 x Excel Vermeil: Edition No 000/100, 010/100 and 011/100
2 x Excel Black/Silver: Edition No: 00/50 and 50/50.

As you can see, availability of these editions is very restricted and many of them have otherwise been completely sold out. If you would like to make a reservation for any of these pens, please email david@bespokebritishpens.co.uk to ensure you don’t miss out.

You’ll find all the details of the Onoto pens available, here.

Jack Row

admin-ajax-1Jack is one of a new breed of pen designers who has grasped the opportunity to create almost magical works of art in the form of fountain pens. He has taken London’s iconic Gherkin building as the inspiration for The Architect’s Pen, shown here (r).

Created in white and yellow gold with petrol blue diamonds, it’s an extraordinary pen.

We have been working with Jack on some interesting projects recently and will be adding some new Jack Row pens to our website very soon. To check the full range of Jack Row pens click here.

Henry Simpole

NLP_2268A highly talented silversmith, designer and pen lover, Henry Simpole has created many beautiful overlays for fountain pens over the past 20 years including several for Conway Stewart and Onoto, so we are delighted that he has agreed to let us showcase his talent on the Bespoke British Pens website.

The first two of his pens we have available are the Teardrop Overlay in sterling silver and the magnificent Snake Overlay in 18ct gold – see left.

Watch out, for several new pens from Henry which will be launched in the coming months. In the meantime, you’ll find more details here.

Bespoke pens

We are currently working on several new bespoke editions for clients. We can’t divulge many details at the moment for commercial reasons, but without giving too much away, I can reveal that 2 pens are motor industry-related, one is connected to World War II and another is linked to the Armed Forces.

If you are interested in having a British-made custom pen designed exclusively for you, either as a one-off or a larger quantity for your business, please contact alastair@bespokebritishpens.co.uk

Repairs and Servicing

Following our acquisition of the Conway Stewart components and the launch of our new website we received requests from pen collectors around the world who wanted their Conway Stewart pens to be repaired or serviced.

As a result, we have now included a page in our website for Repairs and Servicing in which we provide details of 3 people who specialise in the servicing and repair of Conway Stewart pens – two in the UK and one in USA. Please note that the warranties on Conway Stewart pens made in the Plymouth factory are no longer valid following the company Administration. However, these repairers will be happy to provide a quote for servicing or repairing your pen.

What’s New?

There are a number of new issues ‘in the pipeline’ at the moment, so here’s a quick peek at what you can expect in the next couple of months:

Wellington 18151. A new version of the Conway Stewart Wellington in a stunning blue acrylic, issued in a small limited edition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 (left)

2. Four special colour options of the Conway Stewart Churchill (total 50 pens) in Dartmoor, Lava, Flecked Autumn and Walnut issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s death in 1965.

If you would like to make a reservation for either of these distinctive new issues, please email me to make your reservation, without obligation. Just indicate the issue you’d like to reserve and in the case of the Churchills, which colour you prefer.

And finally…

We are currently working on the first new pen to be issued under our own brand. Watch out for more details in the next issue!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this issue of Manuscript. Please forward it to your pen friends and contacts and click on the buttons below to share it on Social Media.

Thank you.