Henry Simpole

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Henry Simpole was a designer/silversmith with a global reputation for his bespoke overlay fountain pens. He became interested in vintage pens in the late 1980s and quickly learned how to restore and refurbish them. Within a few years he was not just rescuing and repairing pens but increasingly specialising in precious metal overlays. Henry’s first overlay commission, a limited series of 20 gold and silver overlays on Conklin pens, was met with such widespread approval that Henry was inspired to create more and more overlay limited editions.

I was delighted that he chose Bespoke British Pens to showcase his extraordinary talent. I worked with Henry to produce his wonderful reproduction of a 1907 ‘Exhibition’ Onoto plunger-filler and the dramatic Marilyn Monroe pen. They are true works of art and were only made in tiny editions so are now very rare and collectors’ items.

It was with much sorrow that I learnt that my friend and talented pen maker Henry Simpole had passed away on 12th June 2020 from natural causes.  I can honestly say he was a real gentleman. Conway Stewart and Henry had a special relationship, and the 2005 Conway Stewart Centenary Pen and the subsequent giant Great Exhibition Pen in 2006 were not only highly regarded but both pens had designs that carried the C & S initials subliminally incorporated into the design of the overlay, something that many owners today still haven’t been made aware of!  His legacy lives on in the pens he made that are instantly recognisable as his art. See some below. Unfortunately all are sold out.

Alastair Adams

Managing Director

Bespoke British Pens Ltd