Flexible nibs

With effect from June 2015, we can offer pen aficionados an alternative nib format to the standard 18ct gold nibs which come with Conway Stewart pens. Over recent months we have been working with one of the world’s leading nib manufacturers to see if we could fine-tune their nibs to get a degree of flexibility. And we have done it!

The nib is in 18ct gold and is made by the same people who previously produced all the Conway Stewart and Onoto nibs – so the credentials are excellent. Each one is engraved with the Bespoke British Pens ‘Flag’ logo and they have been made to fit the majority of the Conway Stewart range (except the Coronet and the Dandy which have a smaller ‘fit’).

Customised nibs also available

In addition to the standard Fine, Medium and Broad Flag flexible nibs, there is an option to customise any nib to your own specification at an extra cost of £40.00 excluding VAT. For example, if you prefer to write with a Stub, Italic or Oblique nib, our nib wright, one of the UK’s most experienced nib mechanics, will undertake the work to your exact specification. Just include full details when you select the ‘custom nib’ preference in the shopping cart.

Looking for a replacement Conway Stewart nib?

Our ‘Flag’ Flexible nibs are now available to purchase separately, so if you are looking for a replacement nib for a modern Conway Stewart pen (most except the Coronet and Dandy – see above) we will be able to help you. For more details of prices etc please follow the link.

Here is the new ‘Flag’ nib mounted on a Winston Classic Brown – and we think it looks very elegant!


Conway Stewart 18ct gold nibs

Traditionally, Conway Stewart has offered a wide range of 18ct gold nibs on its fountain pens, as you will see from the graphic (right). However, following the company’s administration in August 2014, the stock of original CS nibs acquired by Bespoke British Pens has been exhausted for the majority of pens and the only option now available is the Flag Flexible 18ct gold nib. These are available in Fine, Medium and Broad widths.

For the Conway Stewart Coronet and Dandy models, which take a slightly smaller nib, there is still a choice of original Conway Stewart nibs in Extra Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad. All these nibs are made from 18 carat gold but some are partially rhodium-plated to give a two-tone gold and silver effect, as shown in the image above.

Obviously, the stock of all nibs is constantly reducing as pens are sold, so we will update each product page with any changes. The nibs currently available are those shown alongside each of the pens depicted on other pages of this website.

The approximate line widths produced by these nibs are as follows:

Double Broad (BB) 1.1 – 1.2mm

Broad (B)  0.9 – 1.0mm

Medium (M)  0.65 – 0.8mm

Fine (F)  0.5 – 0.6mm

Extra Fine (EF)  0.35 – 0.4mm

These are approximations only and will be influenced by the amount of pressure exerted by the writer and the type of ink and paper being used.

The overall nib width is approximately 8.3mm and the visible nib length is approx 23mm.

You may find the image (above, right) useful. It shows the comparative writing styles for each of the nib options Conway Stewart has previously been able to offer.