All our pens are fitted with 18ct gold nibs engraved with the Bespoke British Pens “Flag” logo which is our registered trademark.

Flag 18ct gold nibs

  • Available in either Semi-Flex nibs (all gold in colour); or standard Non-Flex nibs (2-tone or all gold colour). Please note some pens are only available with Semi-Flex nibs, and others are only available with Non-Flex nibs. See website for details.
  • Each nib is engraved with the Union Jack Flag, and the nib style (EF,F,M, B), and “18K”.
  • All nibs have an iridium tip for smooth writing and long life.
  • The 2-tone 18ct gold nibs are partially rhodium plated.
  • For the non-flex nib (2-tone or all gold colour), you can select from Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, or Broad.
  • For the Semi-Flex nibs, you can select in Fine, Medium or Broad
  • The is the width of the writing line:
    • Extra Fine produces approximately a 0.35mm -0.4mm wide line of ink
    • Fine produces approximately a 0.45mm -0.6mm wide line of ink
    • Medium produces approximately a 0.65mm- 0.8mm wide line of ink
    • Broad produces approximately a 0.85mm – 1.0mm wide line of ink

Please note: the thickness of the line depends on the pressure exerted on the pen, and the type of paper so the above is guidance only.

As a rule, a Broad nib suits large hand writing and flowing signatures, Fine nibs suit smaller hand writing and figure work. Broad nibs can tend to fill in the spaces in “b”, “d”, “e” if you hand writing is small. Medium nib is a good compromise, and selected by the majority of fountain pen users.

Customised nibs also available

In addition to the standard Fine, Medium and Broad Flag flexible nibs, there is an option to customise any nib to your own specification at an extra cost of £44.00 excluding VAT. For example, if you prefer to write with a Stub, Italic or Oblique nib, our nib wright, one of the UK’s most experienced nib mechanics, will undertake the work to your exact specification. Just include full details when you select the ‘custom nib’ preference in the shopping cart.

Looking for a replacement Conway Stewart nib?

Our ‘Flag’ Flexible nibs are now available to purchase separately, so if you are looking for a replacement nib for a modern Conway Stewart pen (most except the Coronet and Dandy – see above) we will be able to help you. For more details of prices etc please follow the link.

Here is the new ‘Flag’ nib mounted on a Winston Classic Brown – and we think it looks very elegant!

For more information please click here for Nib Fact sheet