Conway Stewart Coronet

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The Coronet is a medium-sized pen, with a clean, elegant and timeless shape. Each of the acrylic finishes, Walnut and Shingle, is available in small quantities. Poinsettia is no longer available. For Conway Stewart collectors and connoisseurs, these pens represent possibly the final opportunity to add to your collection.

Product engraving

Please note that this pen does not bear any engraving on the barrel that you may have been used to on relatively modern Conway Stewart pens i.e. the edition number, colour reference or Conway Stewart logo. However, you will find the Conway Stewart insignia clearly visible on all clips and nibs.

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    Inspired by original designs of Conway Stewart models made during the 1940s, the Coronet has a clean and elegant style.

    These new Conway Stewart Coronets have been assembled from original Conway Stewart components acquired by Bespoke British Pens in October 2014 when the manufacturing company went into administration. As such, you can be assured that these are genuine CS components, assembled and prepared with the care and attention you would expect from the Bespoke British team.

    There are 4 designs currently available: Walnut, Shingle, Dartmoor and Marble Ice. Poinsettia has now sold out. We have a wide range of Conway Stewart 18ct gold nib options available with this pen: Broad, Double Broad, Extra Fine, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad.

    These pens are available in very small numbers – and once they have gone it’s highly unlikely they can be put back into production.

    Each pen is housed in an original Conway Stewart black leather presentation box which doubles as an elegant desk display.

    Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter

    All Conway Stewart pens are made/assembled to order and perfection cannot be rushed! Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of your pen. If required for a particular date, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it reaches you in time.

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    Walnut, Shingle

    18ct gold Nibs:

    CS Broad, CS Double Broad, CS Extra Fine, CS Italic Broad, CS Italic Medium, CS Italic Fine

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