Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor

Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor


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Only 7 available

The Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor is an exceptional pen. Its perfect balance in the hand, combined with classic design and innovative touches, make it a highly desirable addition to any Conway Stewart lover’s collection.

We have recently discovered just 7 batches of Raleigh Dartmoor components which we have made up into complete pens. If you would like to add this very exclusive pen to your collection, you’ll need to do so quickly.


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Product Description

Inspired by Sir Walter Raleigh

Named after the Elizabethan explorer and adventurer, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor is the perfect pen for anyone with a sense of adventure.

Born in Devon, the home of Conway Stewart, Walter Raleigh was an English writer, poet, politician and explorer who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1585. He was instrumental in the English colonisation of North America and the town of Raleigh, North Carolina, is his legacy.

And this Conway Stewart Raleigh is a beautiful marbled brown colour named after Dartmoor, the large National Park in Devon with its wild, open moorlands and deep river valleys. Magnificent scenery and a magnificent pen. Very English!

No other Conway Stewart pen has the distinctive design elements of the Raleigh. The perfectly proportioned barrel is complemented by two solid gold rings and topped with a cap that features a slight inward curve towards the top. Unusually, there is a quartet of solid gold rings around the cap while both the cap top and barrel end feature an unusual stepped design (see below), which give the Raleigh a rakish touch of distinction.

The Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor is a unique design, departing from the traditional in several ways, while still retaining the classic styling that recalls Conway Stewart’s rich heritage. The perfectly proportioned barrel is accented with two solid gold rings and topped with a cap that features a slight inward curve towards the top. Unusually, there is a quartet of solid gold rings around the cap while both the cap top and barrel end feature a classic stepped design, which give the Raleigh an elegant touch of distinction.

Only 7 are available – A rarity for CS collectors

This special edition of the Raleigh is crafted out of precious Dartmoor resin which is a subtle blend of rich, dark brown – almost black – marble with white and silver flecks. The mix of colours is further complimented by the solid gold trim on the cap and barrel.

We have found sufficient components to make up just 7 complete Raleigh Dartmoor pens and once they have been sold it’s highly unlikely that we will be able to make any more. So if you would like to add this superb Conway Stewart classic to your collection, there’s no time to waste.


Provenance and Authenticity

All the components for Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor pen were acquired by Bespoke British Pens from the Administrators of Conway Stewart Manufacturing Ltd following the closure of the Conway Stewart factory in Plymouth, Devon. As such, you can rely on the provenance and authenticity of these components as genuine Conway Stewart parts which have been carefully assembled by our technicians to a very high standard.

Please note that these pens do not bear any engraving on the barrel that you may have been used to on relatively modern Conway Stewart pens i.e. the edition number, colour reference, etc. However, you will find the Conway Stewart insignia clearly visible on all clips and we provide a Certificate of Provenance confirming its origin as a genuine Conway Stewart pen together with its issue number out of the 7 we have available.

Delivery of the Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor

Because of the bespoke nature of all our pens – nib configurations, fitting options etc, we rarely have pens available ‘off the shelf’. As soon as we receive your order we will email you with a confirmation of your order and provide you with an estimate of the time required to assemble, configure and thoroughly test your pen. This is usually between 10 and 14 days, although in busy periods it could be up to 28 days.

Once your pen has passed quality control it will be carefully secured in its presentation box before being packed for despatch.

All our pens are despatched using Royal Mail and as soon as we have handed it over to Royal Mail, we will email you with a despatch confirmation. This email also provides you with a tracking number which will enable you to track your parcel.

UK Deliveries

For delivery to UK addresses we use the Special Delivery service which means your pen will be delivered within 24 hours, usually before 1pm, on the day following despatch. We advise you by email when your pen has been handed over to Royal Mail and provide tracking information so you can trace the whereabouts of your pen on the Royal Mail tracking website: . You will need to sign for your parcel on receipt.

International Deliveries

For delivery to overseas addresses we use Royal Mail’s International Signed For service which means you will need to sign for the parcel to confirm receipt. We advise you by email when your pen has been handed over to Royal Mail and provide tracking information so you can trace the whereabouts of your pen on the Royal Mail tracking website: Once the parcel arrives in your country, your local postal service takes over responsibility for delivery, although you can still use Royal Mail’s ‘Track and Trace’ system. In some countries, you can use the Royal Mail tracking number we provide on your local postal service website. For example you can use Royal Mail Tracking numbers on the USPS website to track your parcel in the USA. In other countries you will need to check with your local postal service to see if they can track international parcels in this way.

If you have any doubts or reservations about the security of your national parcel delivery service, you can always ask for your pen to be delivered by one of the internationally recognised courier companies (Fedex, UPS etc). Just make a note when you order and we will be in touch regarding any additional charges for international courier delivery.

Filling Mechanism:


Nibs available:

The Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor is fitted with one of our Flag Flexible 18ct gold nibs. You have a choice of Fine, Medium or Broad nibs to suit your writing style. Each nib is engraved with our distinctive Flag logo.

Customised nibs also available

In addition to the standard Fine, Medium and Broad Flag nibs, there is an option to customise any nib to your own specification at an extra cost of £40.00 (US$40) excluding VAT. For example, if you prefer to write with a Stub, Italic or Oblique nib, our nib wright, one of the UK’s most experienced nib mechanics, will undertake the work to your exact specification. Just include exact details of your requirements when you select the ‘custom nib’ preference above.

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Dimension of the Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor

  • Length – Closed: 139mm
  • Length – Posted: 178.5mm
  • Length – Barrel inc nib: 131mm
  • Length – Cap: 61mm
  • Diameter – Barrel: 13.7mm
  • Diameter – Cap: 15.5mm
  • Weight – 47.4 gms

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