Conway Stewart Series 100 Red Whirl


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The Conway Stewart Series 100 Red Whirl is a striking deep jade acrylic mixed with a fiery red whirl from which it takes its name. Red Whirl is a pattern that is very popular with Conway Stewart collectors.

The Series 100 was first launched in 1954 and quickly became one of the most popular pens ever made by Conway Stewart. It is a mid-sized pen that is appreciated today for the same classic lines, fine balance and easy writing as it was over 60 years ago. The beautiful finish and flawless perfection of these handmade pens are part of Conway Stewart’s proud heritage. Each pen is decorated with triple sterling silver cap rings – 2 narrow and one broad – with 2 additional sterling silver rings on the barrel.

Only 10 pens are available in this colour combination, so early application is essential if you would like to add one to your collection. It’s definitely first-come, first-served and once these have been sold, it is highly unlikely that there will be any further releases in this colour.


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    Always popular with pen enthusiasts, the Conway Stewart Series 100 has become a ‘must-have’ for collectors of British luxury pens. ‘Red Whirl’ is a mysterious deep jade colour with swirls of fiery red acrylic enhanced with cap rings, clip and barrel rings in sterling silver. It is a wonderful combination that makes an outstanding addition to any collection.

    Please note that only 10 pens are available in this colour combination, so early application is essential if you would like to add one to your collection. It is highly unlikely that once these pens have been sold, any more will be made.

    This Conway Stewart Series 100 Red Whirl is available in fountain pen mode only with a choice of one of our 18ct gold flexible nibs in Fine, Medium or Broad sizes.

    Each pen is housed in a Conway Stewart black leather presentation box which also serves as a showcase pen stand for your desk.

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    All these pens are made/assembled to order and perfection cannot be rushed! Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of your pen. If required for a particular date, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it reaches you in time.


    Length – Closed: 137.5mm

    Length – Posted: 176mm

    Length – Barrel inc nib: 128mm

    Length – Cap: 63mm

    Diameter – Barrel: 12.5mm

    Diameter – Cap: 15.5mm

    Weight: 22 gms

    Provenance and Authenticity:

    All the components for the Conway Stewart Series 100 Red Whirl were acquired by Bespoke British Pens from the Administrators of Conway Stewart Manufacturing Ltd in October 2014 following the closure of the Conway Stewart Plymouth factory. As such, you can rely on the provenance and authenticity of these components as genuine Conway Stewart parts which have been carefully assembled by our technicians to a very high standard.

    Please note that these pens do not bear any engraving on the barrel that you may have been used to on relatively modern Conway Stewart pens i.e. the edition number, colour reference or Conway Stewart logo. However, you will find the Conway Stewart insignia clearly visible on all clips.

    Each pen is accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance which confirms its Conway Stewart origin together with details of its issue.

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    Red Whirl only

    18ct Gold Nibs:

    Flag Flexible Fine, Flag Flexible Medium, Flag Flexible Broad

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    Closed length:           Posted length:

    Barrel length incl nib:

    Cap length:

    Barrel diameter:

    Cap diameter: