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by Henry on Oct 5 2019 09:32

Yesterday I received my Churchill Freisian Fountain Pen and Rollerball. Both are in excellent condiction and very well made. The Fine Flag Nib fitted writes beautifully. The service which I received was first class.

by Nasrin Hossain on Aug 10 2019 09:23

I recently ordered the Doctor's Pen as an anniversary present for my husband. The estimated delivery time for my order would have meant that it arrived after our anniversary. I contacted Bespoke British Pens and they agreed to make the pen as a priority order. As promised they delivered my order before our anniversary. The pen is a beautiful piece and I am sure my husband will be delighted. I have been very impressed with the service provided by Bespoke British Pens.

by MM on Aug 2 2019 17:58

Dear Bespoke British Pens, Yesterday, I received my Conway Stewart Fountain pen. It arrived in excellent condition and I am so pleased with your craftsmanship. It is very elegant and distinguished. The pen has been inked and it sits really comfortably in my hand and writes very smoothly. As I just opened up my new law firm, I will get to use the pen with pleasure. So, many thanks for crafting this beautiful pen, and ensuring its safe passage to Canada. I wish your company and team all the success. I will not hesitate in saying that your fountain pens are one the best and such a worthwhile investment. Bravo! MM.

by David on Jul 13 2019 09:08

My latest purchase from Bespoke British Pens is another in their Conway Stewart Churchill line, this time in Crimson Blush. I have long enjoyed writing with Churchill fountain pens and this latest one is a lovely addition to my collection. As with all Bespoke British Pens there is an option to personalise the pen. With the case of the Crimson Blush I had not given it a thought when I first saw it as it had silver trimmings and I prefer gold trimmings. That was no problem and the pen was quickly made up for me with my preferred gold trimmings. The nib is of course one of the Company’s Flag nibs which it must be said, write beautifully straight out of the box without any issues. Thank you Alastair and Peter for making every purchase a pure delight.

by John on Jun 28 2019 18:57

I have recently received my Wellington medium nib in Rioja. I can only describe it as an exquisite work of art, the colours are as stunning both in daylight and house light and the gold trim sets the whole pen off beautifully. I am so pleased with this pen I can’t quite describe it. The service from Peter and Alastair was exemplary from beginning to end, I am so pleased that I chose BBP’s for my cherished pen and rest assured that it will ha e an excellent home with love for many years. John Richmond North Yorkshire.
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