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by Marcel Gillander, Luxembourg on Mar 18 2020 18:16

I received my new Conway Stewart fountain pen, a black Churchill special engravings, friday the 13th and have to say that this was a lucky day to me. The pen is very elegant and oozes quality and style, a rare combination. I asked Peter to tune the nib into a wet writer and that is what he did. It writes impressive lines and never fails. Evidently it is a real ink guzzler and needs frequent fillings, but that is fine for me: It gives me the opportunity to enjoy the pleasurable ritual of filling the pen and to appreciate the craftmanship with which the mechanical parts have been manufactured. Another Conway Stewart is definitely on my wish list.

by Astrid on Feb 23 2020 18:38

I've received my Conway Stewart Churchill Heritage ‘All Will Be Well’ about a month ago. I've never had a pen that writes so smooth and effortlessly. The pen itself is really very beautiful, and shows true craftsmanship in every detail. It has surpassed my expectations by far, and I would recommend it to everybody.

by Ron Pizzo on Feb 16 2020 17:35

I had an old Conway Stewart Duro. The feed broke. I contacted the team. They provided a replacement nib and feed. I asked for a fine point nib. The pen writes like a charm. It has never performed so well. I am very, very happy with repair and the new nib. I cannot recommend the team enough! Thank you all, Ron Pizzo

by Randall Morrison on Feb 15 2020 07:26

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I have been with this group and their dedication to customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that the quality and beauty of their writing instruments is first's the customer help and customer care that makes this group if you are in the market for fine writing instruments and continued service go no further than here.

by Dr Thomas Stewart on Feb 11 2020 18:08

I have just received the 2 new custom hand ground nibs for my Conway Stewart Series 100 and Belliver. I have installed them and re-inked both pens. With the new nibs, I am inspired to write with both of these pens. The cursive italic grind is just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for your guidance through the process of ordering the new nibs from “across the pond”. The pens are just magnificent and I will enjoy them for years to come. My wife gave me a very nice bronze multi-pen display this past Christmas. The Conway Stewarts are now front and center in the display so I can use them every day. Best regards, Tom
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