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by Gao Yang on Aug 4 2017 10:20

I received my bespoke wooden pen today.Looks excellent,and smell wonderful,feel amazing.A fantastic pen!!!Thanks for the excellent work of David,Peter and Adam again!!!I love you,BBP.I said,BBP will be the best Fountain pen brand in the world:)

by Ming Zhong on Jul 31 2017 05:39

I received my Conway Stewart Winston in Classic Brown. Man, this is a nice pen. I feel it is even better than my Montblanc 149. I love my the Winston and Churchill. Thanks again Peter.

by Jean Thierry on Jul 26 2017 09:07

My sincere gratitude to both Peter Robinson and David Cooper for arranging and undertaking the repair/service to my limited edition Churchill Ebonite fountain pen. The pen has not ever performed so well since being purchased. The care and attention to detail has been as a breath of fresh air. Thank heavens this company was started following the demise of Conway Stewart. I will be buying additional pens in the near future. Thank you gentlemen for your assistance in restoring a much loved pen.

by Ian J on Jun 18 2017 13:03

I have just received a Conway Stewart 'Nelson' in Sapphire Blue. It looks fantastic with iridescent stippling variably expressed within the material of the casing. A real work of art - in fact like all my other CS pens. It has great weight and balance. The Flag Fine nib is already writing beautifully smoothly. The crew at BBP have done well to keep the CS brand alive for the moment, but I wonder what is to become of this brand when the present stocks of parts run out.

by Ming Zhong on Jun 16 2017 04:24

I brought a Conway Stewart Churchill burgundy from BBP. It is a fabulous pen. this pen has the lovely colour and the outstanding craftsman ship. That make me to consider to purchase other Conway Stewart Winston. it is a heavier pen than Churchill.
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