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by H Parkinson on Dec 21 2017 09:19

I am very pleased with my Shakespeare Pen and ordering was very easy. The Flag Nib is one of the best I have used.

by colin Allen on Dec 17 2017 17:58

I have been a fan of fountain pens for years. Progressing from Parker, Sheafer to majoring on Mont Blanc. All of which I still have. Then I purchased, at Harrods in the "90s a Conway Stewart Churchill. Fast forward to 2017 when my Churchill needed servicing, I discovered Bespoke Pens . Not only have they made my "Silver Storm" a stunning new pen, they have supplied a "Poppy" that is a true pleasure to use. Problem now is I now long to have a "Doctors" issue, and wish to try an italic nib. So I am now saving up for my next pen. I am not a person who normally gives advice, but, If you want the best, and you get pleasure from writing.... Bespoke British Pens are as good as it gets.

by Judy on Dec 16 2017 20:52

The Conway Stewart Churchill fountain pen is one of the finest pens I have ever found. The different choices, or colors for the pens, are among the best I have seen in a product line. Which means that each of my Churchill pens are one of a kind in their color brilliance and eye-catching appeal. Each time I write with a "Sepia Blue" or a "Heather" or a "Bracket Brown" or a "Burgundy" I think what a beautiful, striking pen it is to write with. And then the actual writing with the pen reminds me why I like a fountain pen so much. The pen is perfectly balanced and the "Flag" nibs are smooth and controllable giving that old fashioned pleasure of writing long-hand again. This is a wonderful product that will last another 100 years, and bring joy to any writer each day.

by Gao Yang on Nov 22 2017 12:16

I received my second bespoke fountain pen,wonderful technology of engraving,it will be my favourite fountain pen.Thanks again for Mr.Adams,Mr.Cooper and Mr.Robinson!BBP and Stratford pen is the brand I like best now.

by MC, France on Oct 28 2017 18:54

Conway Stewart Model 100 Heather review I received my first Bespoke Conway Stewart last week, less than three weeks after my order : this one is a true beauty, it exhibits quality in every detail. Everybody knows the Conway Stewart Model 100, a medium-sized, very comfortable pen, the perfect weight, very balanced even when posted. This Heather colour is one of the most beautiful among the acrylic pens I own. The choice has been difficult, Conway Stewart colours are all tempting, I had hesitated quite a while before making my choice. A deep, very distinctive, finely polished material with turquoise, ancient rose and golden brown exchanging reflections with slightly pearly, iridescent inclusions, a deep but not at all too bright material. The trim is very nice, the full gold cap rings, the iconic Conway Stewart clip, every details all together confer to the pen a elegant look... And last but not least, the nib : a marvellous flexible Flag fine nib, custom-ground to an oblique fine by Bespoke British's nibmeister. This is a large, 18ct gold nib, very beautiful. A flexible nib, a modern, soft, expressive, flexible nib, with just the perfect degree of feed-back, the flow is perfect. This is undoubtedly the type of nib I will like using and enjoy everyday. .... Just have one problem: I am now hesitating in choosing the colour of my next Bespoke Conway Stewart... ( Well, I suspect I am addicted!! ) Many thanks and congratulations to Alastair, Peter, and all the team!!
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