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by Brian K on Aug 13 2018 17:57

I received my Wordsworth Shingle yesterday. Before I purchased it I had some tentativeness about the nib. I wrote Alistair and he assured that they were excellent and if I did not like it I could return it within 30 days of receipt. Well, I am keeping it. The nib writes as well as any pen in my collection. I have my nibs ground to oblique stubs. It was tuned perfectly with the right amount of flow. I am extremely happy with the pen. The material is unlike anything else in my collection of 50 pens. I like the size and the workmanship is right on. I congratulate you and staff for making a wonderful product.

by Stephen Jordan on Aug 4 2018 17:13

Being somewhat obsessed with Fountain Pens, both modern and vintage; it was inevitable that I would ultimately purchase a pen from Alistair and Peter, AKA, Bespoke British Pens. And I did! My Conway Stewart Series 58 Nebula is everything you could ever wish for in a luxury writing instrument. Flawless quality and beautifully made. The 18ct gold Conway Stewart broad nib my pen benefits from produces a beautifully moderate to wet line and it is the smoothest nib within my 70+ fountain pen collection; indeed, it is the smoothest writer I have ever experienced. The nib has been expertly tuned; it has been cut akin to a Cursive Stub which gives my writing some lovely line variation. Something I rarely experience being a leftie. The pen arrived over a week earlier than expected complete with a lovely Conway Stewart presentation box, hand signed certificate of authenticity, a book mark, user guide and a quality polishing cloth. Oh, and some cartridges so you can enjoy the pen straight from the box should you not have bottled ink to hand. You certainly get your monies worth with Bespoke British Pens. And the purchase experience overall exceeded my expectations in every way. Clearly Alistair and Peter are passionate about their business and the emailed correspondence I received direct from both Alistair and Peter kept me fully informed of my order. Such excellent customer service which is sadly so rare these days. If you’re hesitating over the purchase of a luxury pen from Bespoke British Pens, I’d say hesitate no longer. You won’t be disappointed. The only problem is, their desirable products pose a real threat to my wallet! I must get myself a Churchill, I’ve just got to!

by Robert L on Jul 27 2018 13:54

Having more pens than I could possibly use, I am rather resistant to purchasing another pen. I was very intrigued by the Doctor's pen, as I am a physician. Sterling silver has elegance without appearing gaudy. I have a gold plated Sheaffer which is actually a low price pen, but it looks ostentatious. Patients do comment on that pen when I use it, but the tenor of the comments aren't necessarily positive. The first thing that attracted me to the Doctor's pen is that it has the correct staff of Aesclepius for the medical profession. This has just one snake wrapped around the staff. The Caduceus, with two snakes around the staff, with wings at the top, is the wrong staff for medicine. It is the staff of Hermes, the messenger. The single snake represents the medical treatment from the time of Hippocrates, when the ill were to sleep in the temple floor, with snakes roaming the floor. The snakes were to take the illness away, unto themselves. The point is, that this pen is the first one meant for the medical profession that has the correct staff on it. I ordered the pen with a bottle of ink. Both arrived intact to the USA. The pen is actually suspended in a clear, flexible medium which prevents damage during shipment. It allows the pen to be seen clearly, and I think it also is hermetic, to prevent oxidation of the silver surface. The silver is sparkling, as Bespoke was kind enough to give it a hand polish. The engine turned chasing is very finely detailed, and the silver is fully hallmarked. The metal work alone is a work of jewellery. The pen is a generous size, but not so large as to be difficult to write with. It is not lightweight, but not as heavy as some of my brass bodied Waterman pens are. I had the nib modified to be an italic. It draws smoothly, and I was delighted to find that the nib has a degree of flexibility inherently. I'm quite pleased with the purchase. I won't let it out of the house however, as it's just too beautiful an object to subject to the rigors of daily use in my office with the risk of dropping and scuffing.

by Johnny on Jul 10 2018 21:23

Bought the 2 pen leather case. It was totally worth the wait. Not only it is the best pen case I ever used, and I have many from brands like montblanc and Aston, but it is also a great value. Outstanding product. Quality materials, and very sturdy. The box design ensures that the pens will be protected if it falls on the ground. Large pens like the Montblanc 149 and Pelikan M1000 fit just fine.

by Colin Allen on Jul 3 2018 21:33

Back in December 2017 I left a review of my "poppy" pen which I have used mostly every day since and, I don't know how, but it has just got better. In that review I said I was saving up for a"Doctors Pen" mainly because I wanted a sterling silver pen. Well, it came today and I have been using it solid for eight hours. I can only describe it as an absolute dream to handle and use, and the nib ( a custom italic) is fabulous ! Once again from a man who does not generally give advise. If you love pens....Then it has to be Bespoke British Pens Ltd. What next? mmm....... something in Gold maybe !
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