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by R.A.Davies on Feb 2 2019 09:12

I have received my Churchill Lawyers Pen (after 44 years as a practising lawyer- there's an old joke there that I won't make - I finally have something lawyerly about me). Is "magnificent" too grand a word? Possibly not. It is very heavy, but, with the cap unposted, perfectly balanced. The nib is simply a delight. The service was friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend too highly. R.A.Davies

by Lynne on Dec 31 2018 06:04

Once a charming man gave me a beautiful pen, knowing that I would be writing all of my life. We were close enough to warrant a gift, but not enough to justify something more intimate gift like jewelry. Though we didn’t continue on, I treasured the pen because he gave me something that I would always use, never tire of, and of course, I’d think of him kindly because he’d known my heart enough to give a gift that honored my future. The pen was stolen from my desk, and looking to replace it, my eyes gorged on the beauty of the Bespoke British Pens. It was time to buy my own gift! I asked a lot of questions from Alaister, then decided, ordered, changed my order after I placed it (which they accommodated without complaint), and in spite of it all, Alastair and Ed were gracious beyond the call of duty. And then, not being able to resist what I saw, I ordered again, also purchasing the one that I replaced! The pens were delivered promptly and they are more magnificent than what you view on the web. They write beautifully. I’m thrilled with the pens and with the service! What British Bespoke Pens has to offer is better than jewelry!

by Steve Jordan on Dec 23 2018 11:32

I was gutted when the cap on my original Conway Stewart Winston Fountain Pen cracked in two between the cap rings. Repair was not really possible so I contacted Alastair and Peter at Bespoke British Pens with a hope they might be able to help me. Even though my pen was not supplied by Bespoke British Pens, Alastair and Peter were only too willing to assist, much to my relief and delight. In less than two weeks, my pen was returned to me as good as new with a replacement cap, made from matching Classic Brown Acrylic Resin material. The cap fits perfectly, plus the colour and pattern in the material (the cap has been made from) has been carefully paired to the barrel. Even the clip aligns with the barrel engraving which demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. The price was very fair and reasonable, especially considering the value of the pen itself. I couldn’t be happier! Alastair and Peter were under no obligation to create a new cap for me. Yet they did willingly and I was politely kept informed throughout the process. Exceptional Customer service I received here is all too rare these days sadly. In conclusion, I can’t recommend Bespoke British Pens highly enough; this is a company who are clearly passionate about their customers and the fine writing pens they sell. The fact that Bespoke British Pens are keeping the Conway Stewart legacy alive is the icing on the cake!

by Clare on Dec 4 2018 11:51

I am more than happy with the Belliver White Whirl I ordered as a present - it is an eyecatching pen and beautifully made and presented. The customer service from start to finish was very impressive and I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you Bespoke for excellent service!

by bjkott on Nov 19 2018 21:27

I just received my Conway Stewart Series 100 in Honey Noire with gold fittings. This is my second pen from BBP and I can only say I completley satisfied. The material is gorgeous, the nib is among the best in my collection and the service was exemplary. I requested several changes from the standard build and I accomodated with curtesy and efficiency. I don't think this will be my last pen from this maker.
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