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by Ian J on Jun 18 2017 13:03

I have just received a Conway Stewart 'Nelson' in Sapphire Blue. It looks fantastic with iridescent stippling variably expressed within the material of the casing. A real work of art - in fact like all my other CS pens. It has great weight and balance. The Flag Fine nib is already writing beautifully smoothly. The crew at BBP have done well to keep the CS brand alive for the moment, but I wonder what is to become of this brand when the present stocks of parts run out.

by Ming Zhong on Jun 16 2017 04:24

I brought a Conway Stewart Churchill burgundy from BBP. It is a fabulous pen. this pen has the lovely colour and the outstanding craftsman ship. That make me to consider to purchase other Conway Stewart Winston. it is a heavier pen than Churchill.

by David on Jun 13 2017 12:47

Last year (2016) I purchased a Conway Stewart Winston from Bespoke British Pens. I was torn at the time between the Classic Black and the Classic Brown, eventually opting for the Classic Black with gold trimmings and a broad Flag nib. The pen was a pure delight but I still kept looking at the Classic Brown. Simple answer I suppose - buy the Classic Brown also, which is what I did. The Winston is a lovely design and the Classic Brown colour is just glorious. Maybe the Winston is not for everyone - it is a heavy pen. I have a number of the Conway Stewart Churchill pens in my collection and really enjoy using them but the Winston is, in my opinion. just that little bit special, its a delight to use.

by reviewer23360704 on May 22 2017 09:26

So far I have had two Dandys and a Churchill from BBP to add to my CS collection of a recent button filler Duro, ebonite lever Marlborough and cartridge 58 FP and BP set plus vintage 28 and 60. The vintage pens have a small sweet spot to write with whereas the more recent pens are more forgiving as to how you can write with them. Well pleased with my purchases from BBP and the service I received. One of my Dandys even fitted with my spare F nib. All are fine writers with their own weight and balance. My thanks to David and Peter for facilitating and satisfying my taste in style and colours in fine British pens.

by Gao Yang on Mar 10 2017 12:48

I have bought three pens from BBP,Conway Stewart Winston Classic Black.Churchill 50th Lava and Shakespeare Vermeil.I think they are the best pens I used,even better than my Pelikan M800.The Shakespeare Vermeil is my favourite,I really like the sculpture of William Shakespeare on the top of the cup.And I enjoy the excellent service,Mr.Adams Mr.Robinson and Mr.Cooper are very responsible and friendly.I will introduce these fantastic British pens to my Chinese friends,tell them the British great brands is not only Onoto,Yard-O-Led and Conway Stewart but also Stratford pen and BBP.I think it maybe become the best brand in UK even of the world. I am looking forward to that Stratford Company will lauch more fantastic pens.
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