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by Adrian on May 28 2020 18:43

I received my Turing-Welchman fountain pen yesterday and I could not be happier! Although it's my first Conway Stewart, it is perfection! I absolutely love the size (what most people would call "oversized" pen), the most comfortable pen I've used and just extremely pleasurable to write with. As a mathematician and aspiring computer scientist myself, I bought the pen for the story and received so much more. I do intend to buy at least one more Churchill-sized pen as they are so wonderfully crafted and a pleasure to use. Thank you Conway Stewart, thank you Mr. Alastair Adams!

by Marcel Gillander on May 25 2020 14:36

The moment I discovered the Turing-Welchman pen on the BBP webside I decided to buy it. Not only that I did like the design of the pen, I appreciated the story it tells even more. I opted for an extra-fine nib, as it perfectly compliments the elegant, yet at the same time technical look of the fountain pen. And I was not disappointed: It is a very good and smooth nib, perfect to write and correct text. I imagine that Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman would have used it with pleasure to note down long columns of numbers and letters.

by Mike Pedley on May 2 2020 08:39

Thank you Alistair and your team, despite the circumstances I received my Turing-Welchman I time for my birthday - a wonderful surprise. It’s a beautiful pen, and writes exceptionally well straight from the box. It’s already become a favourite in my collection of fountain pens. Thank you ever so much. Mike

by Marc on Apr 30 2020 08:44

Wow! That's enough said, really. I received my Conway Stewart Churchill Heritage with 'Never give in' inscription yesterday. It was exactly as I had hoped. Thank you. Perhaps just this one 'minor' note: this might well be the start of a new (expensive) hobby, as I'm sure this won't be my last pen. Marc, Belgium

by d.w. mattingly on Apr 26 2020 20:15

I originally ordered a Marlborough because it has a nice design and it is ebonite. After I placed my order, I realized it would be too large for my hand, so I inquired about changing my order to a Wordsworth pen. Unfortunately, the current Wordsworth is only offered in acrylic. Not to worry, Mr. Adams assured me. Although there weren't enough parts to warrant keeping the ebonite model on the site, there were enough for at least one more ebonite pen. And so, I not only got a specially created ebonite pen, I got one with the size and shape perfect for me...and it writes beautifully. With that kind of service and that quality of pen, I can only give the highest recommendation to Bespoke British Pens. And it's why I recently ordered another Conway Stewart for my wife.
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