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by K Lee on May 23 2018 06:55

Wordsworth is words worth. Marvelous pen. Natural ebonite, warm up after holding for a short period of time. Very pleasant to look, and equally pleasant to hold. The flex medium is everything a nib should be: smooth but not slippery, juicy but not wet, and putting down lines of varying thickness with very little effort. The Wordsworth is the smaller of the three Conway Stewart in my collection - smaller than Churchill (largest of the three) and Oxford. Despite being the smaller of the three, it stood up right there with its bigger sisters, that's how good it is. While smaller pens are seldom my cup of tea, this is a rare exception. Fit and finish is top notch, Peter really took the time (time, despite the wait, well worth spending) to make a pen BBP can be proud - and I can be pleased of. Highly, highly recommended.

by Frank W. Bruno on May 15 2018 16:55

My Classic Green Winston! Hello Gentlemen.. my birthday was this past Saturday the 12th and I actually waited till evening to open my new treasure. It is brilliant !! The Classic green acrylic, the gold trim and that wonderful springy 18k nib! The package is a delightful blend of fit and finish care and attention to detail. My Churchill is a very comfortable fountain pen and I always thought it would be tough to beat. My Winston however seems oddly more perfectly balanced. It is indeed robust in terms of length, girth and weight—but so well designed and crafted. We know other high end fountain pens that have a strong marketing approach and the product is a good one—yet the proof is in the writing experience and the Winston takes the top prize. A solid and beautiful fountain pen that will accompany me in many adventures each day and will surely be handed down to one of my two sons. One Winston, and one Churchill-just fabulous! Working with the team at Bespoke British Pens has been a delight. They communicate well, and are very responsive and embody the highest integrity. I would not be honest if I said I now have all the fountain pens I need/want—but when I go back out on the hunt, Bespoke British Pens will be my favorite shop. I am so very pleased; please feel free to post this and share as you see fit. Best regards from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Frank W. Bruno May 14, 2018

by Bill Nichols on May 11 2018 12:27

Like waiting for the grandness of Christmas Morning, my package was received yesterday. I was extremely impressed with the packaging, not the style but the precision packing. After opening my pens, a Churchill Classic Black and a Coral Green, I was awestruck by the beauty of them. Like taking an Art Class in school looking at pictures of the masters and then seeing the actual piece face to face, that is the same feeling I had with these pens. As a general rule, I purchase pens, never ink them but do display them. This morning I broke my general rule, I inked the Classic and wow wrote like a champ out of the box. I am so thrilled and like most wil be back over and over. I wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars... my very best to you and your fine employees.

by José on May 10 2018 03:35

Excelente mi estilográfica CS Nelson Walnaut, con plumín F de la bandera recientemente recibida, junto con dos plumines M, uno de ellos bi tone. Poseo además un Churchill, un Winston y un Wellington. Todos también excelentes, sobrios y con clase. Muchas gracias a Alastair, Peter y equipo.

by Pedro T.Hernandez on May 6 2018 16:02

I am the proud owner of 3 Conway Stewart,Winston ChurchillLtd Edition walnut,William Wordsworth Cardinal Ripple,and a Winston Bracket Brown.they are all my favorites of my collections they are State of the art pens Highly Recommended Best Regards Pedro T.Hernandez
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